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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A word to the wise

For the record, I am trying to do weight watchers. Not because I think I am grossly overweight, but because I need to be more mindful of what I eat.... lets be honest, I am not a 20 year old college student anymore. Back in the day I could eat almost anything and it would not matter. Well, that is not the case these days.
Nonetheless, today I decided to go to a Mexican restaurant with a group of young people in ministry. The typical routine of this group is a lunch meeting each Tuesday. Normally I cannot attend this event because of staff meeting but today I was able. Bad decision. Well, at least in regard to my WW plan, loved the company. I found the most healthy thing on the menu. A soft shell taco with guacamole. It had lettuce and tomato...vegetables, right? Wrong. At the end of lunch I had 2.5 points left for the day. Those chips and salsa will get ya. Sad. I obviously did not eat much dinner tonight.... salad. Oh well, maybe tomorrow will be better. Also, in college I hated Mexican food, yes even Auburn's best: Loradoes. Perhaps that was helpful.
So, a word to the wise.....
If you are trying to do weight watchers, do not eat lunch at a Mexican restaurant.

Today I also went back to my ZUMBA class. For those of you who are unfamiliar with ZUMBA this is an aerobic dance class. I love it! I was really excited that I was able to go back for the first time since the New Year. Well, I walked into class (a bit late), and it was overly crowded. Apparently half of the women in Prattville have decided to take up ZUMBA for their "this year's" resolution. It was fun having so many people in the class. My one qualm: the entire back row was full. Therefore, I had to "dance" in the middle of the room. For the record, I have absolutely, positively, no rhythm. When most people learned how to dance, I was listening to jam band music like Jupiter Coyote at the high school dances.
Late + Middle of the Room+ No Rhythm = Embarrassment (with a great workout!)

A word to the wise....
Be on time for ZUMBA.

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