“I have an affection for a great city. I feel safe in the neighborhood of man, and enjoy the sweet security of the streets." -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Monday, February 7, 2011

On the move...

One of my hobbies is running. I am not saying that I am fast, or competitive, or really all that committed, but I do enjoy it. I started this hobby at some point following college. I enjoyed running while I was an intern at the Wesley Foundation at Auburn University. I loved my rout through campus and the "loveliest village on the plains." I ran a good bit in graduate school and loved finding new places to run through the city of Atlanta... love love love Freedom Parkway! Now I run in Prattville. I am having a hard time finding new routs. There are some necessary things I need for a good running path.

1. Sidewalks... I know it is best to run on the road but I like the option of not paying attention to traffic.
2. A safe area. Now there are probably very few "unsafe" areas in my small community but I like a place where I see people. Where if I fall and hurt my knee and scream someone pays attention. I also like a well lit area.
3. A variety of scenery. I like to be entertained... what can I say?

If you have any thoughts please message me or leave a comment.

Also, am I the only one who things this has been the longest winter we have had in a long time? I am over winter. Sunday afternoon gave me a glimpse of spring. It was beautiful and I ran for 3 miles through my neighborhood. I am beyond tired of the cold, rainy, gloomy weather. Spring, can you please hurry up! Please!

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